Important Notice

As a result of the recent warm weather and rain followed by rapid frost all within a 24h cycle, we’re seeing abnormal conditions occur regarding swimming pools. We expect more of this weather to occur. So, we suggest passing along some information to your homeowners.

The recent quick melt combined with large amounts of rain at this time of year is concerning. It’s causing the ground to have excess water and a low ability to disperse this water. The area surrounding the pools will be prone to attract lots of water in these conditions, as such we urge that everyone verify their dry well/sump pits to make sure that any water is addressed immediately.


For liner pools, this will prevent floating liners and potential liner wrinkles due to liner shifting because of excess water.


Fiberglass pools must absolutely be monitored in these situations to ensure water isn’t building up around the pool at critical levels, followed by rapidly freezing and heaving.


Solid covers or auto covers must be pumped off quickly prior to freezing to ensure massive ice blocks do not form on top of the cover causing potential damages.

Skimmers & plumbing

Verify your pool's water level, there’s a high likelihood that the water is now in excess above the skimmer. If the water can reach the pipes followed by the rapid freeze, major damage will occur. If the skimmer is plugged it can fill up with water and crack once it freezes over. Monitor the water level, it may be necessary to pump out water from the pool. Do not remove more water than necessary to clear the skimmer, as this may cause movement with the ice block formed within the pool causing damages to the pool structure.