Dear Suzanne and Ryan, Our pool is closed – the end of our first season with our new pool! I wanted to let you know how happy we have been, every step of the way, from design and construction through to the closing. We felt confident with your knowledge and advice, your patience with all of our questions, and your professional staff both in the office and out working on the pools. Ian and I took a long time researching our options and getting quotes from various pool companies. We are very glad that we decided to go with Ponds for People. You explained the process, kept us informed, showed up on time, have excellent hard working crews (friendly, polite and tidy!). You have exceeded all of our expectations and we want you to know that we refer you to our neighbours and friends without hesitation. We are looking forward to next pool season, and many more to come. Our thanks to you all! Heidi and Ian Sept 30, 2014

Heidi and Ian

June 25, 2013

Regarding Ponds for People Pools & Spas,

We have begun our eighth summer with our fabulous pool installed by Ponds for People Pools & Spas. We are so grateful for the professional service we have received back in the summer of 2005, exemplary service that continues today. From the initial contact with Pond personnel back in April 2005, to our home visit and quote from Ryan that June, to the planning date when spray paint gave us our first glimpse of how our yard would look with a pool in July, to the actual digging and creating, we have had nothing but positives to share since. Somewhere in there our Bullfrog hot tub also arrived, complete with our own personal workshop, followed by the opening of the pool, and more was expertise shared by people who really cared about this life changing experience for our family.

Becoming pool owners had been a long term goal and dream, and Ponds helped make our decision making process so easy. No other company we visited served us as well or answered our questions as thoroughly, and throughout the process we never doubted we had made the right decision to have Ponds for People Pools & Spas provide us with our hot tub and in ground pool. As we made choices for various components of our pool, we never received a sales pitch, but always received the options available, and guidance to choose what was best for our vision and our needs. Choosing stairs instead of ladders, salt water over chlorine, a diving board, a safety winter cover, the size and shape and location in the yard, all became an adventure instead of difficult decisions, and we appreciated being told what were the best products to have in our pool package for pumps and cleaning equipment and so on, for who better to make those choices than experts in the field. The service we have received at the store has also been amazing, and we are grateful for the patience and smiles and advice we receive both over the telephone and in person, as we learn what it means to continually care for a pool, especially with the changing seasons.

In our previous home, we had a hot tub installed and for 3 years we enjoyed it as a social gathering place and therapeutic comfort spot. However, we had a number of problems over those 3 years and when we moved to our present home, we left the tub there and purchased a new Bullfrog Spa from Ponds. We have enjoyed this tub for 8 years of trouble free pleasure and have friends who would only choose Bullfrog for themselves if and when they purchase one for themselves. It is easy to maintain, comfortable, and something we enjoy all year round, regardless of outside weather or temperature. We would highly recommend a Bullfrog Spa from Ponds for People Pools & Spas.

The crew during construction was tremendous, and very respectful of the fact that women and children were present on the job sight at all times. They obviously worked well together, had fun together, and in the process, made our adventure all the more enjoyable as our pool appeared. It was also very apparent that each employee was receiving training and was being provided with opportunities to develop and practice skills while on the job with supervision and immediate feedback. The workmanship, daily progress reports and next steps, the cleanup and follow up service has been superb. The gifts our daughters received after the opening of the pool were appreciated, and another kind gesture that demonstrates clearly Ponds goal to provide us with more than just a product.

We have created an oasis for family and friends, and appreciate the work and ongoing support we have received from your employees. We look forward to continuing our partnership to maintain our pool and hot tub, and truly value the commitment you have made to this partnership.

Mike V.

We had one of those above ground pools (that you set up yourself) for a few summers and then decided it was time to take the plunge and put in a “real” pool. We had a few quotes but were impressed with Ryan’s hands on approach, passion and honesty from the very first meeting. So, Ponds for People Pools it was. Great choice! The team showed up early every day and got to work come rain, snow, cold, and heat and yes, there were all of those things. All the guys no matter how young or old or experienced were polite, professional, organized and a pleasure to deal with in every way. Ryan was here leading his team and made sure that he delivered on every aspect of the quality and service he outlined to us during his initial presentation.

At the time, our daughter was one of those kids that liked to swim but didn’t want to get her face wet. After the pool went in, her swimming improved and so did her love of the water. She ended up joining a competitive swim team in Waterloo and we could not have been happier with her choice of sport. Our backyard went from one that we only went out there to mow the lawn to an extension of our house. We spend every free moment in the yard enjoying our Bull Frog hot tub and relaxing in the pool. It is like our own little oasis to come home and retreat to after a long day at work.

Ponds for People Pools has always delivered on their word. This is a family business and Ryan and Suzanne treat their customers and their employees like family. You notice it. Everyone on staff is well trained, friendly and professional.

It’s been six years now and we love that pool as though it was the first summer. It’s a pleasure to deal with a company that stands behind their products and services. We would highly recommend Ponds for People Pools.

Judy, Charlie & Hannah M

Great company! Very good with the little details that sometimes get lost in translation when doing a large project of putting in a pool and all other amenities that goes with that. We received 3 different quotes for our pool and virtually all 3 quotes were within 5% of each other. We chose Ponds for People because of the how personable they were with us and we felt confident that the job would be done correctly. They made suggestions on how to design the pool, the layout and the landscaping around it. They also coordinated all other contractors that would be needed when installing a pool, which made our lives easier. Overall great company and we still use them for our opening and closing of the pool each year!

Todd and Brenda Sandham

We had Ponds for People Pools install our pool and have been extremely happy with the service that they provided before, during and after the install. We use them to open and close our pool each year - leaving us confident that our system has been taken care of properly and knowing that we will have no troubles with it each year. They take the time to answer all of our questions in ways that we can understand and implement ourselves, as well as letting us know when a professional needs to be brought in instead. This year, we had a number of issues, that Ponds helped us with - our safety cover had holes in it from critters nibbling on it over the winter - and Ponds helped us with an inexpensive fix that ultimately saved our cover and only cost $50. We also had troubles with our cleaning robot and took it to Ponds - they were able to fix it the first time, but the second time (different issue) they had to send it to be repaired. All done under warranty with no cost to us. We also had troubles with too much stabilizer in our system, and the staff at Ponds was quite helpful with our constant water testing requests, as well as recommending different products based on the tests and what amounts should be used. We really appreciate everything that the staff at Ponds for People Pools does for us! Thanks!!

Karen Dubois

"Exceptional work by your company. Clean, efficient, on time... I can't say enough of how well things are going, and how happy we are. I'm already thinking about the next pool Pond's will make me!"

Tony S.

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